Reporting from the BBC

15 April 2013

Read the latest editorial about City Endeavour's efforts from the BBC.


Mission possible!

11 April 2013

"Matthew reporting in from Team City Endeavour...we are delighted to report that at 18:30 today we achieved north 90 degrees. We have arrived at the North Pole and are very very happy to be here! We are all safe and sound and have arrived in one piece.

We had a challenging day with [certain crossings]. 200 meters in particular that proved very challenging and very wobbly but we crossed with much relief. It was then another 8 hours and we made it safely to the North Pole. We're now camping here where a Russian helicopter will pick us up in the morning. We will then start our reverse trip back to the UK.

Phil was asked to organise and execute our trip which he has done successfully. Scott has taken some fantastic photographs and video coverage that we will be sharing in the weeks to come. Newall has been steadfast and strong throughout...and I have managed to hold on to everyone's coattails.

We have travelled somewhere in the region of 300 kilometers. Our total journey time was around 8 1/2 - 9 days. The trip would normally take 18-22 days. So it looks like we have unofficially beaten the world record to the North Pole.

We're all feeling very well and looking forward to seeing our loved ones.

A very quick thank you to Nick Rapley and Roberto Nieves from Incisive Media and a big thanks to all of our sponsors.

We're very much looking forward to coming home. A big thanks to all."



Pressure ridges

10 April 2013

"It's been a very good day. We've covered 11 nautical miles skiing and have had to head substantially more east due to some difficulties in navigating some of the trail. We've seen some interesting things along the trail such as pressure ridges being formed which make some interesting squeezing noises - much like Matthew in the tent!

All good on the ice and we are making very good progress. Much love to everybody. Our thanks again to all of the sponsors. All the best."


14 miles covered!

9 April 2013

"A cold day with a bit of wind but we cracked on. All repairs stayed where they were supposed to stay. We managed 14 nautical miles and the going was good. Looking for another good day tomorrow. Big hellos to friends, family and sponsors."


A note regarding the Google Earth updates - the team have been sending their coordinates via email but it has only been possible to map their position from the voice mails they have left me. Upon their return, I'll update this blog with a more detailed series of maps of their walk. Thanks and apologies in advance - Roberto


Chilly evening

8 April 2013

"It's been a good day with beautiful weather - sunshine, very cold but no wind. A few teething problems with the skis which has meant lots of repairs in the evening. It got chilly at the end of yesterday as the mist came down which made for a chilly time in the tent. All well though."


The team have crossed 89 degrees north

7 April 2013

"All going really well and making excellent progress. No incidents to report back. Best to all back at home."



Wear and Tear

6 April 2013

"We've achieved another 9 - 10 nautical miles today. It's been a day of wear and tear as we've had a few issues with the skis so some of us have had to use snow shoes. We've also had to negotiate open water areas which can be tricky. All very well and in good spirits. Love to all at home."


Pressure ridge crossing

5 April 2013

"It's been a very good day today. 11 nautical miles were covered and successfully crossed a few pressure ridges today. Pushing on to 89 degrees north in the coming days. All in good spirits and we send our best."


Making good progress

4 April 2013

"Another good day travel-wise with 11 nautical miles covered but the weather has come in creating difficult visibility. Scott did some filming, Matt did some good falling over. All are in the tent now warming up. All in good spirits. Big hellos to family, friends and sponsors.


-30 and sunny

3 April 2013

Call received from the team: "Started our walk and we covered 9.5 miles. We've had very good very good conditions. There has been little or no wind. 30 below and sunny. Mirislav, our guide who sustained a mild injury getting out of the helicopter is ok. We're all in good spirits and feeling well. The most common question is 'what are we having for supper and what terrible '80s music will we be subjected to?' Love to everyone at home." More for the morrow.


88 degrees north

2 April 2013

Our walk is imminent. It looks pretty close on this scale of map, but there is a lot of ice still between us and the Pole!




2 April 2013

First day at Barneo ice camp. Arrived at 1200 today. Great flight, and weather. About minus 30 here. This is Mirislav, our guide:


Now waiting on chopper to go to our start point.

Check out this wikipedia link.


Connecting flight

1 April 2013

The team will be flying out of Longyearbyen [Spitsbergen] tonight at around 2000. Flying in an Antonov 74 cargo plane to the ice base Barneo which is at 89 degrees 30 mins north!

'We have been waiting a long time for this, and now the time has come. The team are ready and we all can't wait to get out onto the frozen Arctic Ocean.......' Phillip Hayday-Brown


Next stop, Spitsbergen!

28 March 2013

The long awaited journey begins. Team City Endeavour have left London and are now en route to Spitsbergen. The next stop will be a flight to the Russian Ice Camp at Barneo for one last briefing.



'Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. Constituting the westernmost bulk of the archipelago, it borders the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea. The island has an Arctic climate, although with significantly higher temperatures than other places at the same latitude.' (Wikipedia)

This page will be updated regularly to provide the latest on the team's progress to the North Pole. We wish the team well!


15 November 2012

Cityendeavour is now firmly in the realms of creating awareness as we move into the final 4 months before the big off.

Our partners, particularly on the PR side are being brilliant at organising meetings with celebrities and important corporations, which is essential to starting the £1m target.

I am hoping to meet with the Lord Mayers Office of London, so this shot of me yesterday, courtesy of Incisive Media seemed very appropriate!



Firearms practice with James

5 November 2012

One of the many risks of our North Pole expedition is the potential danger from Polar Bears.

The nearer we get to the pole the smaller the risk as there is less natural food for them to eat, but at the beginning and during our cold weather training in Norway, bears could potentially be a problem.

Whilst I shoot regularlly it was important for James to become comfortable around guns, so we spent some time after tyre dragging on firearms familiarisation and target practice.

Very happy to report James is a natural shot.



Tyres tyres and more tyres

1 November 2012

Its now November and we have just 5 months to go.

Training has moved up another notch and the focus is now on toughening up the feet and legs and getting used to pulling.

Car tyres dragged on tarmac are incredibly difficult after an hour. After 8 hours it's very hard. Having spent the last two weeks on one tyre, I am now up to two tyres.

Training this week with James we pulled two tyres each 20 miles on Monday and another 10 miles yesterday. Today I hurt all over and can really begin to feel what it will be like to do this day in and day out.

Today we also had a meeting with all the sponsors and really got stuck in to what we can do over the next few months to raise the profile and awareness and start towards raising money.

The website is getting loads of hits and people are starting to donate using the justgiving link - more please. This pain needs to be worthwhile !

As always, please forward this site to everyone you know!!!!!!



Dartmoor - Hot, hot, hot

1 August 2012

Time for team training again. This time Dartmoor was the venue. Walking, navigation, practice with the arctic stoves, tent discipline and more walking.

This was a very difficult 3 day trip. The temperature was in the 30's and the terrain very difficult. Dartmoor is effectively a plateau with rocky hills or Tors. The recent rains have created a bog with reeds and grass up to our waists and more.

Day 1 was a gentle 6 hour climb up onto the moor, arriving just before sunset. Wild camping and preparing our evening meal in a mass of midges and mosquitos followed by a very short nights sleep.

Day 2 was a very long 12 hour day, during which i drank 15 litres of once and didn't have a wee all day.

Day 3 was a gentle 4 hour walk off the moor.

This picture is of us making camp at the end of day 1.