The Team

James Greenly

James Greenly - 21
Portfolio Specialist

James Greenly, 21, is the youngest member of the City Endeavour team. James has been in the Financial Services Industry since age 16, working with Simon Kiley at RJL IFA Ltd. In his role, James looks after the Portfolio Management side of the business.

"This is my chance to give something back, to say thank you and show my support for all the brave men and women currently fighting for this country and for our freedom across the globe. They risk their lives on a daily basis, and many come back with life changing injuries. If we can raise a substantial amount of money helping these injured heroes recover and retrain in other careers, then mission accomplished."

Matthew Deeprose

Matthew Deeprose - 41
Sales Director

Matthew is married with 5 children and lives in Cambridge.

Matthew grew up on Dartmoor and has always had a love affair with the great outdoors. Having travelled, climbed, hiked and camped all over, including the Arctic circle, Matthew is hugely excited by this venture to the North Pole.

"I come from a family closely associated with the Royal Marines. Both my Father and Grandfather in particular saw battle and so I am well versed in the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces. It is all too easy to discount what takes place so far away from home, but we should all be thankful for what our brave men and women are doing day in day out. This walk and the preparation may have a huge short term impact on my life and that of my family, but compared to others, it is irrelevant."

Matthew started his career with NPI and enjoyed a successful career in sales, before moving over to the investment world with Jupiter, Skandia Investment Management, INSYNERGY and now Dominion Fund Management.

"My ultimate aim is turn City Endeavour into a foundation. I would like to see other teams in the years ahead challenging themselves with the support of the Investment Management industry and continuing to support great causes. This really is an opportunity for us collectively to do something not just now, but over the decades to come. The support of our sponsors and the reaction we have had really is very humbling."

Newall Hunter

Newall Hunter - 48
Mountaineer & IT Security Consultant
Officer - British Army(TA)

Newall grew up in the mountains of Scotland and began climbing in his early teens. By his early 20s, he had soloed many of the classic winter routes.

After completing a number of successful seasons in the European Alps, including ascents of the Matterhorn, Monta-Rosa, and multiple ascents of Mont Blanc he decided to turn his energies on the Seven Summits Challenge - climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents. To date, he has successfully climbed Aconcagua in South America, Kilimanjaro in Africa and a winter attempt of Denali in Alaska. In May 2011, he completed the highlight, to date, of his mountaineering career when he stood on the summit of Everest.

Newall is honoured to be associated with this expedition and its efforts to raise funds for these deserving charities. As an Officer in a Specialist Army TA Unit, he has seen first hand the commitment and sacrifice offered by serving men and women both in the UK and in overseas operations.


Philip Hayday-Brown - 42
Arctic Trainer & Guide
Polar Endeavour

Phil has over a decade's worth of Polar experience and 15 years+ as a freelance instructor for team development. Starting in the highlands of Scotland at the John Ridgway Adventure school, then working for World Challenge leading expeditions to Africa and Mexico.

Before founding Polar Endeavour, Phil was the operation director for Polar Challenge and has been the logistics and support manager for 6 expeditions to the magnetic North Pole. More recently he helped organise and participated in, a race to the South Pole "On Thin Ice" which was televised on BBC2 in 2009. Phil now lives in the Cotswolds where he keeps busy looking after his 8 year old daughter and dreaming up new challenges.


Simon Kiley - 53

Simon Kiley is the most experienced (oldest) member of the City Endeavour team. Simon joined the Financial Services Industry in 1980 and has enjoyed every minute in a variety of roles. He runs his IFA practice, RJL IFA Ltd in Norwich, and is very focussed on portfolio management and wealth creation for his clients.

"Having watched the BBC1 programme last August, and seeing the four amputees combat such severe mental & physical conditions to achieve their goal of getting to the North Pole, I was so inspired & humbled. That evening my e-mails started, and we find ourselves here today, a team of normal people doing something much against normality, to say a massive thanks to our wounded service personnel for what they do for us. If we can do this challenge to say thank you, I hope this event will make others realise their potential to stand up and be counted, and contribute to this much-needed cause ........ somehow."